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Everyone wants to own a magic lamp with unlimited quota of wishes to get what one needs with a snap of fingers. Well…that’s not a far-fetched dream, anymore. Wishes can be granted and now it is more than possible to get your favourite products within a few minutes while sitting at home. The secret is the creative online grocery portal, Krave Mart that aims to revolutionize Q-commerce with product delivery that works on the modern-day principle of “Need for Speed”.

Krave Mart is a one-stop online delivery store offering groceries, personal care, health and beauty, electronics and other everyday essentials and a delivery service within minutes from a network of dark stores. As a brand run by Kravers, who are in a constant pursuit to innovate, Krave Mart promises to satisfy every customer’s need with authentic products, faster delivery and convenience from the get go!

The objective is evident from its first DVC series that introduces viewers to the character of Badluck Badruddin. Like a responsible husband, he always wastes time to find and buy everything from the grocery list at the market. But unfortunately, he only manages to bring home half of what’s expected. Alas, he hasn’t discovered the quick delivery by Krave Mart as of yet.



To get things in order, he tries his luck at an online grocery shopping store but ends up in front of a judge for his inapt choices. The judge suggests him to order from Krave Mart.



In the end, Badluck Badruddin finds the right delivery service and his groceries deliver faster than his child.

The quirky DVC series uses comic relief with a witty tagline “Soch Se Ziada Tez” that encapsulates Krave Mart’s concept and brand objective that its delivery works faster than your thinking. The commercials use relatable situations in life to highlight that orders from Krave Mart save time and energy; it is quick and affordable, it has no delays and provides all daily essentials at the right time to your doorstep.



The ads are short, sweet, humourous and precise with clear-cut narrative that Krave Mart will make every household dream come true. The choice of actors, their comic timings and punches hit all the right notes like a timely delivery. It avoids any sermon on the pros and cons of an online shopping portal and subtly introduces Krave Mart as the best way forward.

Krave Mart is founded by four masterminds Kassim Shroff, Hammad Bawany, Haziq Ahmed, and Ahsan Kidwai. They are talented young men who are brimming with experience in the local as well as international markets. Krave Mart is their passion project to deliver up to the expectations of the tech-savvy generation that is response-driven, and prefer instant deliveries.

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