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Having delivered constant hits starting with Udaari last year, Urwa Hocane has been having a blockbuster year! With two films that rocked the box office and one releasing next month, we sat down with the actress for a live chat last night.

Amidst the casual conversation, here are some of the fun things we just found out about her!


Urwa the fierce sister!

Urwa told us she’s the ‘bindaas’ sister between her and Mawra. Proof? Back in their school days, she beat up a boy for bothering Mawra!


Urwa’s idea for the sequel of Punjab Nahi Jaungi

We know we definitely want to see a sequel to PNJ, but what will Durdana’s role in it be? Urwa suggests that the sequel should be called ‘Help me Durdana!’ and we can’t help but agree.



Favourite memory from her films this year

From her three big films this year, Urwa confesses her time on the sets of PNJ makes for the fondest memory. “We all had such a good time on sets,” the actress expressed, adding that “the entire team was in fits at all times,” mostly thanks to Ahmed Ali Butt!


Words are not her strong suit

As with every actor, Urwa too has been scrutinized for her words and interviews. The actress admits that she’s bad with words, which is why she doesn’t like giving interviews. “I’m really bad with my words!” she confessed. “I’m always short on words on what I really want to say…then I have to clarify myself all the time.”


Urwa never thought she’d become an actor

The actress told us she always dreamt of independence and traveling, but after her stint in theatre, it was her career that chose her and not the other way around. “I never thought I’ll be an actor. I always dreamt I’ll be a very independent girl,” the Udaari star admitted.

Urwa turned down a Bollywood film

The actress actually turned down a Bollywood film, because she didn’t like the script. Which one was it? You’ll have to keep guessing!

Comfort comes first in fashion

Even Mawra has told her off for her disinterest in fashion! The actress likes to opt for comfortable choices when it comes to fashion, she tells us.



‘I thought I’d never get married’

Freedom, independence, and equality are some of the things Urwa always had in mind when it came to settling down and she thought she’d never find the right man because her expectations were too high. But of course, she found her Prince Charming in Farhan Saeed!


Urwa’s mum plans her savings for her

Yes, that’s right! Urwa leaves her budgeting up to her mother because she can’t plan ahead when it comes to anything!

Urwa’s next project

What’s next for Durdana, you ask? Well, she is currently in the middle of reading two scripts, one for a TV drama and one for a film, so we’ll find out soon enough!

You can watch our video below to find out more about her!