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News of the Day: After nearly ten years, radio’s favourite RJ made an announcement on air that he’s saying goodbye to City FM89 and possibly the media industry altogether. It was a very emotional show, people were crying while listening to it, Khalid himself cried during it. Even his producers were crying when he played the last song on his last show. Everyone wondered where Khalid would be going from there and we heard that he would be focusing on becoming a life coach from now on. Saad Haroon has since then taken up the Breakfast Show on FM89.

However, we now know that Khalid will be doing a morning show again, only this time it’s on FM91! His new show is called the Morning Jam. We aren’t sure what happened here. From Khalid’s last show, everyone had safely concluded that he was leaving the world of radio.

Maybe he got an offer from FM91 afterwards, maybe he changed his mind as he missed radio too much. Regardless of his change in decision, everyone is happy to have him back. People who have Japanese cars aren’t so happy though because their cars cannot pick up frequencies of any radio stations after 90 MHz (We have seen people complaining about this on social media). But the rest of us can listen to him on FM91 from 7 am till 11 am.

Welcome back Khalid!