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Hair is an extra accessory that usually gets ignored because in comparison to your face, you’re not doing much to it other than a blow dry every other week and a hair-do for a wedding. Experimenting with hair is also scary because haircuts are obviously permanent and the wait for them to grow out is the of the most painful things a woman has to go through. I’ve experimented with my hair a lot. I’ve had all the possible cuts you could think of: fringe, Goth hair, bob, mid-length, long layers but recently I discovered hair colour. I dyed my hair fuchsia pink about four months ago and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made regarding hair. I personally believe hair colour changes not only your entire look but also livens up your personality. My pink hair has definitely made me more courageous and adventurous. Also, best thing: you can always dye it back.

Here are the high fashion, edgy and inspirational looks for 2017, presented by L’Oreal Professionel called the IT LOOKS for the Spring/Summer that I suggest you try rather than getting a hair cut for the summer.

Inspired by the ‘barely there’ nude make-up look, this trend uses the beige hair colour palette playing with a blend of cool and warm tones making this look absolutely perfect. The nude beige is sophisticated and so easy to wear.

Inspired by the classic red lipstick look, this trend uses the red hair colour palette with a darker blend of deep tones and making this look sexy to wear and flawless. Copper is the colour of the season spotted on the latest fashion runways and it slays.

We were given a demo of these brand new styles at an event hosted by L’Oreal and featuring the brand’s international consultant, Tarek Rizk, in Karachi. My hair is already an adventurous shade of pink but I’m already thinking about new ways to wear it a little more riskier now.