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Not every day do we find an app that solves our shopping issues in a jiffy. However, luck seemed to be on our side when we found Keenu. Let’s face it; life’s busy; cash is cumbersome and we all have one way or the other wished there was an easier, safer way to make payments. For us, all of that was encapsulated by Keenu.

So, what exactly is Keenu Wallet?

Finding it easily in our app store, we found Keenu Wallet to simply be like a physical wallet within our smartphone. We downloaded the app, signed up and after an easy transfer of money into our secure digital wallet, we had our very own secure cash on our phone!

Although to be honest, before actually signing up, we were a little wary. What if it asked for some kind of subscription fee? That’s something we’d rather not do. However, much to our surprise, Keenu is totally free! According to their app, it’s free today and will always be. Plus, if that isn’t all, we loved the fact that there are no hidden in-app purchases or pesky ads to bother you.

So, back to shopping. Easy as it could be, we went on to check out some of our favorite retail outlets via the app to shop online. But, wait. While all our readers know that we can never say no to two things; celebs and shopping, we got an even bigger weakness and that’s exclusive sales!

That’s right. While checking out the stores on the Keenu app, we struck gold when we found out that it was Cashback Week on the app! Guaranteeing exclusive sales and offers of cash back, all we heard were virtual cha-chings!


Keenu wallet is the safest and most secure way to carry your money.


Overall, our experience with the app was enough for us to become super-fans! However, if that still didn’t excite you enough, maybe things like safety and rewards will.

Keenu wallet is the safest and most secure way to carry your money. With no cash on you, you’re likely to frustrate the efforts of pickpockets and wallet-grabbers everywhere! Apart from that not only is Keenu completely free, it actually pays you back! Yup, that’s right; just sign up, start spending and get rewarded. Rewards range from amazing discounts to cashback, to drool-worthy retail and online offers nationwide.

So, if you, like us, want some easy retail therapy done right from the comfort of your house, then download the app, sign up with your registered mobile number, and use one of our many methods to add money to your wallet, now!

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