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Our beloved Hauteliers, after an uneventful weekend and a much needed cleanse from social media, we thought it’s only healthy if we start off your week with what amuses us the most: spewing mindless judgment onto famous celebrities, who despite the shutdowns across the country were providing us with quite the distraction with their red carpet-ery, which we’re sure is exhausting in its own right.

Haute Patrol: Winter is coming

So let’s sip our lattes and put our judging glasses on; it’s time to ship off our celebrities…


Sadaf Kanwal




She is the style goddess we all need to worship.


Hadiqa Kiyani




This isn’t an outfit, it’s a cry for help.


Hareem Farooq




Repeat after me: “I will not show up on the red carpet looking like Momina Mustehsen.”


Fahad Mirza






Ayesha Toor




Halloween is over; you can take your Cher costume off.


Sarwat Gillani




It’s quite basic and bland, we wish she’d try harder!


Yasir Hussain




That jacket looks way too small and the shoes are quite hideous. Also that hair…should we book you an appointment at N Gents?


Nadia Hussain



That top looks like you fell in a 4 year old girls birthday cake and decided, “Wait a minute, I can pull off icing.”


Mahira Khan




Minimal glam always works best for her although when you show up in public, make sure you hem your pants.


Zonia Anwaar




Works for us.


Nausheen Shah




Miss Nausheen gives us another slay, just in time for the wedding season.