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After opening a second branch on Bukhari, Xander’s is now set to welcome foodies to a third branch on the other side of town, on Tipu Sultan Road. This is not to say however, that Xander’s is turning into a chain of restaurants around the city, as Sikander Rizvi has assured us that this will be the last branch that opens in Karachi.

We spoke to Sikander, the restaurant’s owner, to give us all the details.

Will the menu be the same? 

“We will open with our best sellers but will also have additional, new items on offer. This was the same approach I had for the second branch so that people don’t get bored and can have a new experience at a new location with a new menu,” he revealed.

When is the opening?

Sikander has planned to do a quiet opening, so that his staff doesn’t feel overwhelmed, and can perform their best.

“Hopefully by the the end of next week, quietly. This way the staff won’t get too much pressure and can gently work their way into the new kitchen,” he noted.


Why Tipu Sultan Road?

Tipu Sultan is closer than Islamabad or Lahore, and so was the next logical step according to Sikander who wants to be hands on with the running of his multiple eateries.

“It was the next logical step. Lahore and Islamabad is a different ball game altogether and too far for me to handle. Besides, I would need a reliable business partner. Opening a Xander’s on that side of town was inevitable. This will also be the last Xander’s in Karachi.”

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How has Sikander managed so much expansion in the last 6 years?

“I opened my first branch in 2011 and it took me 4 years (2015) to open my second because I faced issues finding a good location and wasn’t really ready for it at that time. The third is now opening after a gap of 2 years. Once you open the second, it becomes easier to open the third because of greater Human Resources and experience. So, opening my third branch in 6 years is quite reasonable I feel and not such a rapid expansion,” said Sikander.

Opening Evergreen and the third branch of Xander’s in such little time however, has kept Sikander busy but he didn’t want to give up such a great location.

“I wouldn’t open 2 restaurants (Evergreen and the third branch of Xander’s) back to back again due to the workload and investments. However such was the case that once you get a good location, you either take it or leave it for good and if you do take it, the rent meter starts ticking.”.

We can’t wait to try out the new branch!