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Wanted: one KaraCHAKRA bag!

I’m really disappointed in Tapu Javeri. I mean why would anyone in their right frame of mind do this to women who are already suffering under the weight of inflation, national insecurity, heat and other problems. But it just shows the apathetic and insensitive nature of Mr Javeri that he would go and launch a limited edition of KaraChakra bags that are to die for. OH isn’t that peachy: another thing to die for!

The bags feature psychadelic imagery of Karachi: you can pick out landmarks like Frere Hall, Empress Market, Tower, The Habib Bank building as well as camels on SeaView/Clifton beach etc. NOW is when someone has finally started looking into the beauty of the city that is usually rubbished. The fuss, may I post script, is all about the limited availability of these bags (they are gone!) and second the price. If you’ve been saving up for a pair of Choos then you can bid adieu to Choo if you’re thinking of buying a collectible bag. And if that isn’t enough to put you on Prozac then nothing is. We demand that Mr Javeri launch another, more affordable range of KaraChakra bags! Otherwise this is protest/dharna season and I’m sure a couple of hundred women wouldn’t mind sitting outside his house in protest! Do not underestimate the power of fashion!

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