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If there’s one Bollywood actress who owned 2017 not because of her films but her controversies, it had to be Kangana Ranaut. Known to be one who speaks her mind, the actress’ cutthroat attitude seems to be working in her favour as it just helped her become a guest of honour at Harvard University.

Kangana who has been busy shooting for her upcoming film, Manikarnika, has been invited to the prestigious Harvard Business School to deliver a talk. She will be talking about ‘The Changing Entertainment Landscape in India’ and ‘Disrupting the Indian Mainstream Cinema’ sessions.

“There was a niggling worry at the back of my mind that what if my children sniggered, ‘What do you know?’ Education or the lack of it, and English which was once a roadblock to the conversation makes me value such opportunities,” the actress told an Indian publication.

Kangana will be traveling to Harvard in February 2018.

“I will talk about new opportunities in the entertainment business that TV, digital platforms, and streaming sites have brought in which I want to experiment with too,” she said. “I want to point to films like Hindi Medium which merged the lives of disparate social hierarchies in a realistic rather than aspirational portrayal of society.”