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Sarmad Sultan Khoosat is all geared up to offer his next masterpiece, Kamli, to Pakistani cine-goers. Featuring ace performers like Saba Qamar, Sania Saeed, Nimra Bucha and introducing Hamza Khawaja, the film is now slated to release on 3rd June, 2022.

Sarmad is talent extraordinaire; he has aced roles as an actor and given performances like Manto, Baaghi, Churails to name a few. His body of work as a director also boasts of blockbusters like Humsafar, Shehr-e-Zaat and Aakhri Station. However, it wasn’t an easy ride for him as a filmmaker as his last film — Zindagi Tamasha — was mired in controversies and has still not released in theaters.

Nonetheless, Sarmad is coming back with another treat next month and as the release date of Kamli is drawing close, he has gradually started releasing the official soundtrack of his film that includes 6 melodious tracks by the finest singers/musicians of our country. Three of them are out and are must-listen tracks.

Mukhra by Atif Aslam

The first song to release its full audio/video version is Mukhra, sung by Atif Aslam. The song is based on Baba Bulleh Shah’s poetry and has the ability to envelop you in a trance. The stunning visuals of Hina and Amaltas’ budding romance (played by Saba and Hamza respectively) with Atif’s soothing voice in the background is an experience itself. The shots don’t show a regular meet cute but one that intrigues the audience.

Sarmad shared on Instagram that “Zulfiqar Ali Sahab, the legendary composer who gave us songs like ‘Ja Vey Ja Jhootheya’,‘Aandiyaan Naseeban Naal Eh Gharriyaan’, ‘Laiyaan Laiyaan’ and hundreds (or perhaps more than a thousand) of other iconic melodies for Pakistani films, has collaborated with the quiet and stoic genius Saad Sultan to produce this track.”

Kaash by Zeb Bangash ft. Sohail Shahzad

The sweet ballad Kaash features Zeb Bangash on the vocals along with Sohail Shahzad. The lyrics are by Shakeel Sohail and Sohail Shahzad. The song seems to narrate the thoughts of its leading characters that wants to run and fly. It’s like a wish to be understood as lovers.

Sarmad shared that Kaash was “the toughest track, perhaps, as we kept rewriting and recomposing this for months.” He also praised Zeb’s vocals and wrote: “I truly admire the sweetness and genteelness that she brings to her music -‘sureela aur meetha’.”


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Mainu Tu by Reshma

The biggest surprise of all is hearing the soulful voice of legendary Reshma in Mainu Tu. The lyrics and composition are by Izzat Majeed. The song shows Hina (Saba) as the artistic type while the lyrics are a lover’s appeal to never leave or betray as “all I have is you”.


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Three more songs featuring the likes of Zenab Fatima Sultan, Amna Rahi and Nimra Gilani will be released soon.

Hina’s character is defined as an entangled dreamer, yearning to break free, while Amaltas is a compassionate yet mysterious wanderer. Nimra Bucha plays Zeenat, the artist who wanted to paint a perfect world. Sania Saeed is Sakina, a keeper of dark secrets, forever searching for light. Will Hina and Amaltas find freedom in this darkness through love or will they be lost in love? We will find on 3rd June in cinemas.

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Kamli is based on a short film by Mehar Bano. The screenplay and dialogues of the film are written by Fatimah Sattar with additional story by Sarmad Khoosat. Saad Sultan is the music producer. Gillian Rhodes has done the choreography of the songs. The film also stars Omair Rana, Adeel Afzal and Iman Shahid. It is produced by Kanwal Khoosat and Sarmad Khoosat, and Irfan Khoosat is the executive producer.

Watch the film’s teaser trailer here:

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