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The summer wardrobe is trickling into my wardrobe very nicely. Here’s the second print I bought from the KR exhibition: Zulu from the Modernist selection. Maheen Karim has styled this print in her signature three-way tunic with all three prints incorporated. I do feel it may be a bit too much but am enjoying the tribal feel. Note that the embroidered border has been applied to the yolk, sleeves and hem and the chaak (side slits) of this tunic are in front not at the sides as customary.

I have to say that there was a 6 inch ribbon with 6 crystals on it that I found absolutely no use for. If I were to follow the picture in the catalogue and put that ribbon on two front pockets then I would need another strip of crystals. One did not make sense unless the other was nicked out of my goody bag. Hmmm…

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