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After the initial release of Jami’s latest production Jugnu’s trailer, the filmmaker has been accused of plagiarism by a young Lahore-based filmmaker, Ahmad Baig.

Ahmad, taking to social media, claims that the film Jugnu was an idea he presented for his thesis project at NCA back in 2015. He was quick to display his reaction on Facebook, explaining what troubled him about the trailer.


Something Haute had an exclusive chat with Jami regarding the recent controversy doing rounds. Seems like he has a very clear stance to it. “We are with NCA on this. The filmmaker seems to be creating his own stories on plagiarism, feeding the public whilst fighting for it at the same time,” Jami said.

The filmmaker Ahmad has accused Jami of being on his thesis panel at NCA in 2015. In response, Jami shared an old conversation exchanged between the two, which happened way before the time he made or submitted the trailer.


Naturally, this presents us with some perspective on the ongoing issue. “The film must exist for it to be plagiarised. One must read the script or watch it before going to such an extent but the film doesn’t exist anywhere. There could be a coincidence that our stories came out around the same time but doesn’t mean it is identical,” Jami said.

“It’s my story of running away with the goat and it’s dated back to 1979 so it ought to be different even if it talks about the same subject. What happens later is what’s the main thing, and that in no way shares a similarity to what he claims,” he concluded.

Responding to the allegations, an annoyed Jami took to Twitter and asked for an apology.
Watch this space for any further development regarding the matter.