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At the beginning of the New Year, Zara Noor Abbas shared a thought-provoking note for her followers and fans. She emphasized that in this modern age, everyone is over critical and is constantly struggling with thoughts of self-worth. She shared a video of her doing absolutely nothing, getting bored and battling how to proof herself.

At a time when everyone around you will tell you to do something productive and innovative, Zara is asking her fans to relax and take a breather. She said that it is completely ‘okay’ to take a break when you feel exhausted and do nothing for a change.

“I love visualising a thought and filming it. Mostly narrating my mind around it. Thinking about what came first. The chicken or the egg. But is that the only bigger question around us? What about our constant struggle of self-worth? Self-analysis? Competition with your own self? Because isn’t that what your mind makes you do? Run ahead of your time and space. Well let’s get this very straight. A thought is only original unless it’s YOUR own and not your idea of someone else’s thought,” she wrote.



Then, Zara left us with a much-need self assurance.

“So, stop repeating what people say! Create your own narrative. And my friend, no one, I mean NO ONE, is getting out of here ALIVE. So live like there’s no tomorrow!”

Following are some of the highlights of her post:

“Bend it like Beckham! Sit back – be lazy. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay not to be productive all the time and it’s okay to waste some time. It’s okay!”

And we can’t agree more.


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