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No matter how much the world may have progressed, sadly, even today we all know a certain ‘Baby Baji’ in our circle/community. Those who have seen Load Wedding know Faiza Hassan’s character in the film stole the spotlight for its authenticity and relatability.

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Speaking to Fifi Haroon in a candid interview for BBC, Faiza opened up about the society’s standard regarding beauty and body image.

“If you look at our iconic films actresses, here, in Bollywood and even Hollywood, they were all full-figured,” said Faiza speaking about this changing trend where now only skinny girls get lead roles in films and dramas. “I’m very happy that I got to play this character,” she added.

However, she said that it has always bothered her that there’s no inclusion and acceptance in our industry. There came a time when she was fed up of getting similar roles based on her weight. “Only because I’m overweight ‘according to you’, I can’t get a normal working woman’s role? As actors, we need to look past age, size and colour.”



Faiza questions that if the west can accept plus size models then why can’t we? The standard model will always be talked about for her figure, be it male or female, but an actor is known for his/her acting and presence on screen. “Our responsibility is to perform well as actors, however, it’s sadly not the case today.”

Baby Baji also raised a very important question regarding romance shown in films and dramas these days. “Why is romance restricted to a certain age bracket? Do only 16-17-year-old girls fall in love? Are there no other stories to tell.”