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In an unfortunate episode during the showcase of Zainab Chottani’s collection at Fashion Pakistan Week recently, model Mehreen Syed slipped while walking the ramp. The fashionista gracefully handled her fall and got up with a confident smile whilst completing her round as a show-stopper.

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Mehreen has now announced that she is in fact pregnant and took to Twitter to thank everyone for their concern.  “I would like to announce that by the grace of God, I am expecting a child. After I slipped, the love and concern from the audience, fans, colleagues, and friends for me and my baby was amazing. So grateful and would like to say that we both are fine! Thank you all for your love!” she tweeted.



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The incident proves that she is not only a caring and compassionate mother, but is an equally responsible professional who loves her work. She flew from Lahore for the said fashion show even though she is pregnant, which is a risky choice. Kudos for Mehreen to literally encapsulate “walk it like you talk it” and show that a woman can be committed to her work and at the same time be a responsible parent; she can falter however, embrace her body and life choices confidently. Gone are the days when women, especially actors and models, had to stay at home and get conscious about gaining weight till due date.

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Earlier this week, Hadiqa Kiani also spoke about how our society confines women to certain labels. Hadiqa received several marriage proposals on social media after she posted a few pictures with her son. The suitors incessantly mentioned her son to initiate a conversation with the single mother.



“The notion that the single mother is a victim needing your pity or love is beyond me. The fact that men like this think that I, or any woman, is desperate for marriage because she has a child is disgusting. Having a child is not a disability. It’s an honour and privilege,” she posted on Instagram.

We would like to applaud women like Mehreen and Hadiqa who are trying to change the stereotypical narrative with their words and actions alike.