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If there’s one breakup that hurt every Pakistani equally, it has to when Junoon split. Salman Ahmed and Ali Azmat parted ways and since then, we have been impatiently waiting for a reunion.

Recently, fans started rejoicing when Salman shared a photograph of himself with his former bandmember Ali, with a hashtag that said Junoon. In fact, Ali too shared the picture with the caption “Maula Jutt te Noori nutt.”



The photograph went viral and there were speculations that Junoon will be reuniting for the upcoming season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

“It was purely an iftar together,” clarified Salman in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. “Junoon isn’t appearing on Pepsi Battle of the Bands.”

While his reply shattered our hopes, he also added that one must always stay positive. “Stay tuned,” he cheerfully added, giving us a feeling that maybe, maybe there was a possibility of a potential reconciliation, soon…  “Never say never! Hope is a game changer!”

Stay tuned and keep hoping! It might just happen after all.