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From toilet cleaners to shampoos and now endorsing a J. Fragrance, Fahad Mustafa is all about promoting hygiene and in a way, fragrances. That’s all great but the bigger question is, would you buy a perfume sponsored by him?

Considering Fahad’s popularity in Pakistan, you never really know! The perfume can become a huge success among the Fahadians (Yes, that’s a legit term used by his fans), which is probably why J. Fragrances have added Vocal to its line of perfumes, which is being marketed as the Jeeto Pakistan star’s favourite scent!



“Vocal by J. is a cult scent for a man who is young at heart, who speaks out, value others opinions and has a fluent personality whose voice is strong and hearty that can be felt and heard globally!!”

Globally? That’s optimistic!

Exclusively designed vintage mic showcases an Iconic fragrance with a vivacious amalgam of bergamot, blackcurrant, apple and mandarin. Overwhelming enchantment of this scent is further enhanced with the freshness of marine notes, lavender, jasmine, geranium and freesia that adds depth and serene virile sensuality. The forte of this formation is enhanced with inimitable warm accords of sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, leather and ambergris.


We love these celebrity-fashion collaborations and have high hopes from Fahad Mustafa’s perfume called Vocal, which is an odd name considering he’s an actor/TV Host and not a singer. Vocal also comes after J.’s previous perfume Sultan, launched with Wasim Akram.