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After rising to fame with the Ramadan cult-classic show, Suno Chanda, it seems Iqra Aziz is now eyeing bigger projects outside of the world of television – and clearly, she has a lot to say about it!

Speaking to Gulf Times, the actress mentioned how she’s looking for a silver-screen script that can ‘give her goosebumps.’

“I’m looking forward to an extremely well-written script,” Iqra said. “Story does matter, but all of it goes in vain if the script is not written in detail. I want something that can give me goosebumps just by reading it. So, let’s see.”

Iqra, who will be seen in the new season of her famous show alongside Farhan Saeed, also mentioned how there can’t be any comparison of the Pakistani cinema’s revival with international industries like Bollywood.

“We have a thriving drama industry here and a fledgling film industry, whereas in India they have such longstanding and huge film industry. There’s no comparison really,” she said. “I think in Pakistan we are living in a bubble. Someone comes up and takes a few snaps with you and you start thinking you’re a star. No love, you’re not a star. A television commercial actor in India gets the kind of fame and stardom that we get here.”

The actress also added that the Pakistani entertainment industry is nowhere as ‘unite’ as other industries around the world are.

“The best thing about the Indian film industry is the unity they possess and unfortunately, we don’t,” Iqra commented. “And the moment we start pulling each other up, it’s going to change the game.”

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