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Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most iconic tracks by Michael Jackson, who was dubbed as the King of Pop. The musical genius left us with some priceless music which can be enjoyed for a lifetime. So let’s thank the Lord for blessing us with a legend whose music is as good and fresh to the ears that be it any moment, some songs truly never get old.

Let’s get started on six of our favourite tracks by Michael Jackson.



1. Thriller


We still remember the first time we watched the video and felt that we would be scared for life. From the sound of creaking  doors, MJ’s monster green face and all the graves bursting open with zombies, ‘Thriller’ could still be regarded as a nightmare to this very day. However, the catchy beat doesn’t take more than a minute to get hooked to.


2. Billie Jean


‘Billie’ Jean has to be one of MJ’s most iconic tracks. From his pink shirt to this two toned shoes, the song is one that never gets old. Be it raves or a simple get togethers, this song gets everyone in motion with its foot-tapping beat and we’ve always loved it for that.



3. Beat It 


Thriller has to be by far Michael Jackson’s hottest selling album and the song ‘Beat It’ is part of it. MJ was all of 24 when he sang the song that later won a Grammy Award for Song of the Year and we’re not surprised why.


4. Black or White


The highlight of this song is not just Michael Jackson’s melodic voice and the guitar strumming in the opening but Home Alone famed actor Mccaulay Culkin playing the rebellious kid. The song is best heard with blasting speakers as shown in the video and has a very hummable tune which we’ve always enjoyed.


5. Smooth Criminal 


‘Smooth Criminal’ is a popular track like all others by MJ. It has also been sung by Alien Ant Farm but nothing compares to the original. We still remember those little fascinated kids in the video following all his dance moves which could very well be us around that time. It’s a fun track you’d love to shake a leg on.


6. They Don’t Care About Us

From what we gather, this particular track by MJ was the most controversial one compared to his previous ones. Set against a vibrant Brazil with colourful alleys, the singer sports a cool peace sign tee which became an instant rage. The song was later converted into many other versions but this one remains a favourite.

Hope you enjoy!