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While most cases that we hear of sexual harassment involve female victims, men get harassed, sexually assaulted and abused too. Speaking of the #MeToo movement on the talk show, By The Way with Begum Nawazish Ali, actor Azfar Rehman shared his views and experience.

“It’s a very sensitive subject,” the actor commented. “No one should be harassed. You cannot force yourself on anyone. That’s wrong.”Azfar explained that there should be consent involved and a mutual understanding of give and take.

He added that he completely supports the #MeToo movement and it’s great that people are coming forward, calling for help and exposing.

However, Azfar also added that at times on social media, people use this movement to their own advantage and there is no guarantee of honesty.

“I am not sure how exposing someone on social media could be true. Being a male artist, there were few times when I was harassed by few female artists. I would not like to name them since I have ignored it but women can not always be right,” mentioned the actor who has starred in multiple dramas and superhit film, Punjab Nahi Jaungi.

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