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New Year comes with brighter prospects for fashion, and making a mark like always is the country’s leading brand — Alkaram Studio — that is bringing the best of its creations for all patrons to love. Earlier, the popular retail brand introduced mega-star Maya Ali as the newest Alkaram Woman, however, the sunny season calls for a celebration and Alkaram does so by commemorating its Spring/Summer Unstitched Collection ’21 via an idyllic event, aptly-titled ‘Gateway to Greece’ which took place on the 17th of February, 2021 at the Emaar Promenade.

Here’s how the event was a dream getaway from mundane life:


Panoramic location

It was rightly said that sunshine, the great bursts of leaves and blooming flowers are perhaps signs that life is beginning all over again with the summer season. Couple this with the roaring waves of the sea that can be enjoyed at the exclusive Promenade, Alkaram Studio chose the best venue to celebrate the launch of its latest Spring/Summer unstitched volume for year. It was an ideal get-together to watch clouds afloat across the sky and listen to the murmur of warm azure water of the Mediterranean crashing on the Greek shore. The event was attended by a select audience of influencers and fashion publications, along with the Chief Commercial Officer of Alkaram Studio, Khurram Koraishy.







Alkaram fashion squad

Amidst the exclusive invitees from the fashion crowd, names like Fatima Hassan, Hunaina Rasool, Naiha Eiman, Alizay Pasha, Alishay Adnan, Reeja Jeelani, Umair Mirza, Yasir Khan, Areej Fatima, Aden Rehan, Saneela Swaleh, Noor e Sehar, Faiza Lakhani, Farah Vayani, Rabia Mughni, Farah Haq, Maliha Rehman, and Mohammad Ahmed graced the event adorned in bespoke Alkaram ensembles.




Style with fun and games

The scenic event, which was curated by The Social Squad, not only brought the leading fashion voices on one platform, but also ensure they have a good time by organizing interactive activities which were enough to keep everyone’s excitement levels filled to the brim. It began with a soothing live performance on the violin which harmonized with the breezy environment, and then presented a mosaic artist who taught the guests how to make their own statement art pieces. It also featured a portrait artist that had everyone lining up to get their unique sketches made.






Fashion in full bloom

The fashionistas was seen in a mix of cuts and silhouettes, all made from Alkaram Studio’s versatile Spring/Summer Unstitched Collection ’21. The attendees appeared in both eastern and western looks, including an array of custom-made wrap dresses, crop tops, long boot-cut pants, and a myriad of flowy tunics that perfectly complemented the spring/summer volume’s ideology of mixing Grecian inspirations over traditional fabrics and an organic colour palette.




Memorable summer

All in all, the vibe of the event perfect captured the essence of a never-to-be-forgotten summer as presented in the new volume of Alkaram Studio. The roaring foamy waves of the sea along with fashion forward women were enough to transport just about anyone to the scenic multicoloured cliffs of the Aegean coast and the picturesque spots on Santorini.




Encapsulating all that serenity and much more, the event was a pure ode to the 150 articles introduced in the Spring/Summer ’21 Unstitched volume which have intertwined the Greek identity with a traditional set of organic motifs, a vibrant summer colour palette, and aesthetically-pleasing prints for all to be dazzled by.


Expert opinion

Speaking about the latest volume, Ather Ali Hafeez, the Creative Director and Maestro behind Alkaram Studio noted the wide array the latest collection offers.

“The Spring/Summer’21 Unstitched Collection brings forth a kaleidoscopic view of what we imagine the upcoming season to look like. It is inspired by nature and niches of organic patterns, which have been gracefully adorned in a colour palette that promises to keep the traditional aesthetic alive. Select from a range of 150 unique designs, where each promises to encapsulate you in a breezy vibe.”