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Mansha Pasha has come a long way from where she started her journey; the actor was seen in Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzar Hai, both blockbuster projects but both times, she appeared in a supporting roles. Fast forward a few years and now she has been a part of a critically-acclaimed film like Laal Kabootar and is making waves as a lead in a trending drama i.e. Mohabbat Tujhey Alvida.

Something Haute caught up with Mansha and had a hearty chat about her career, roles, TV and films. Read on to find more:

“Not many people know this but I never intended to be on screen. I studied media sciences here and abroad as well and I was a line producer working on different dramas.  I was told my boss to ‘just do it’ but I had no clue how to act. Then I started getting offers and then I had to make a decision,” Mansha shared.


How do you choose scripts?

“Every actor has his/her own motivation to sign a project; some people do it for money which is okay because it is a job, some do it to get recognition but nobody does it because they are thinking about the audience’s perspective. We do it when we like it ourselves. I don’t like to get stuck in a rut so somebody called me an ‘unconventional heroine’ and I completely agree to this title. I always want to take an immediate left turn after doing a project and not tell the same story again,” she said.


Why did she accept Shafaq’s role in Mohabbat Tujhey Alvida?

“I feel you can’t judge a character and I have never played a character which looked like that she is inhuman. Shafaq is so unconventional; she is not at all what you expect her to be. She is independent, rich and at the same time she is very lonely. She has unfortunately weaponized her loneliness despite having the most comfortable life one would imagine, she has taken her misfortunes to an extreme and that’s what I liked about her. Why would you want to do a character when you already know what she is going to do!” Mansha shared.

Watch the full interview here: