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Crown Humayun Saeed

As fans wait for November to see the fifth season of Netflix’s widely popular royal drama The Crown, Pakistanis are more excited to see our very own Humayun Saeed appear as Diana’s rumoured beau — Dr. Hasnat Khan — in the series.

Humayun Saeed has kept mum about bagging such a prominent role in an international project. But we know that the upcoming fifth season will be portraying Diana and Charles’ bitter divorce and a number of infamous incidents of the Windsor family that took place in the ’90s.

Diana’s romantic journey in the ’90s led her into the arms of London-based surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, played in season 5 by Humayun Saeed, and ultimately Dodi Fayed, who is portrayed by United 93 actor Khalid Abdalla.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress Elizabeth Debicki who plays Princess Diana, spoke about her Pakistani co-star and was all praises. “I absolutely adored Humayun — he was such a lovely actor, and such a beautiful person,” the actress said. “You never know how that’s going to feel when you’re playing things like that with an actor. So I was very lucky to have him, and I think he does such a beautiful job.”

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Dr. Hasnat, a British-Pakistani heart and lung surgeon, is widely known for his romantic, two-year relationship with Diana which ended in the early summer of 1997. She is said to have considered him the love of her life. In 2013, Diana’s close friend Jemima Khan, who was with her on her 1996 Pakistan trip, said the Princess was so ‘madly in love’ with him that she considered moving to Pakistan to be with him. Dr. Hasnat attended Diana’s funeral ceremony as well.

The Crown premiered on Netflix in November 2016 and would conclude with a sixth and final season according to a report by the Deadline.

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