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Huma Adnan’s solo show, featuring her winter/festive collection for 2020 at the beautiful Beach Luxury Hotel, was a breath of fresh air. At a time when the coronavirus has brought public affairs to a standstill, strict SOPs were followed while the event featured an exclusive guest list and inclusive ideology that is the demand of the hour. Like always, the collection was a perfect Huma Adnan take on colour and craft.

The show promoted inclusivity and targeted a range of women, from the very young and daring to plus size girls, looking just as fiery in festive finery. Not only did the collection feature a wide range of possibilities when it comes to bridal ensembles, but it was also modeled by an equally diverse set of models. The idea behind the show was most definitely: Be Yourself.



“We wanted to show women comfortable in their own skin,” Huma commented after the show, crediting Tabesh Khoji for helping her with the model selection.

One of the models in the headdress, she shared, was Dr Sehrish Batool, a front liner at one of the Covid wards in Karachi.

The show was all about responsible evolution, inclusion, and appreciation for those who were putting their lives at risk by helping those in need.

“My personal idea of luxury is having a voice, having freedom, and clean air to breathe. As an artist, I believe my craft transcends nationalities and boundaries which is why through this collection – I want to make sure our stories are heard across borders,” said the designer about her recent collection which also featured the signature Craft Stories gold plated jewellery made by refugee artisans, launched last year in March.

  • with information from Aamna Haider Isani