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Talha Chahour quite a memorable and soul stirring performance in Jo Bichar Gaye and as much as we liked his debut performance, the role made it more difficult to see Talha in a new avatar. However, he is the main lead in HUM TV’s upcoming drama serial Wabaal.

The word literally translates to a curse or a state of despair. Written by Qaisera Hayat and directed by Amin Iqbal, Wabaal stars a fresh and new on-screen pair Talha and Sarah Khan. The first teaser reveals not much about the guy, Faraz, played by Talha. However, it seems that Sarah’s character is a greedy and opportunist girl who has woven her friends carefully in a web of lies. She describes her life as a fairytale to her friends in which she has been gifted diamonds, gold, property and has world tour plans.


Talha Chahour & Sarah Khan

It appears that the reality is starkly different as her fiancé, Faraz, is her father’s choice and she is not interested in him because he is not rich. As much as we are excited to see a new on screen couple, it appears that the drama is using the redundant troupe of evil sister vs good sister here. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see what more it has to offer.

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The drama also features Saleem Sheikh, Merub Ali, Shagufta Ejaz and Tara Mehmood amongst others. Wabaal is produced by Momina Duraid and will air on HUM TV soon.

Watch the first teaser here:

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