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Just recently, we all witnessed a social media uproar regarding the 6th Hum Awards happening in Toronto. Many people spoke up against the fact that a flock of celebrities considered flying off to Canada as a priority over General Elections, which we all had been pinned our hopes to. Now, with all this going on, Hum TV has finally decided to break their silence on the issue.


The media conglomerate took to Twitter to explain the situation:


The tweet was broken down into four parts where they cleared the air that the dates for the Awards were finalized 6 months prior to the show and that the event will work in making a soft image for Pakistan.

“As always we are confident that this event will go a long way in portraying a soft image of Pakistan globally and make all of us proud of being Pakistani,” the post explained.


They further went on to add that there were a few celebrities who cast their votes and then flew for the event, making sure not everyone had missed the General Elections.


They ended the debate on a positive note claiming that HUM network takes pride in portraying Pakistan globally and will continue to do so.


Do you think Hum’s stance over the issue will settle the debate once and for all?