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While election day has finally arrived and people all around Pakistan are voting for their chosen political parties, the backlash over a number of celebrities missing out has caused more drama than anything else. Now, to defend the celebs over the whole fiasco, Yasir Hussain and Saheefa Jabbar have taken to social media.

Actor Yasir Hussain, posted a long message on Instagram shutting up haters and clearing his stance on the issue.

The actor questioned the amount of hate that celebs have received and lamented on the ‘unnecessary’ backlash. Model Saheefa Jabbar also joined the bandwagon and lent her support to Yasir.

While Saheefa and Yasir have expressed their views on the situation thoroughly, we’re not sure if this will stop people from feeling the way they do.

Do you agree with the two? Let us know your thoughts in comments.