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There were high expectations from the drama that marks the comeback of superstar Mahira Khan after six years to the television screens i.e. Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay (HKKST), and it lived up to its hype in the first few episodes. However, the story took a nosedive and is constantly dragging for the last couple of weeks with little or no developments; all viewers can hear is Tere Bin Tere Bin in Yashal Shahid’s vocals or the background score.

The response to episode 16 that aired last Sunday was the same as the writer/director kept emphasizing on the same points without any new information given to the drama viewers. HKKST promised to be full of suspense, mystery, complex relationships between three cousins — Mehreen, Mashal and Aswad — and perhaps a few strong women characters, portraying how the flaws and shortcomings of parents haunt their offspring in our society, but what we are seeing involves females getting silenced, mansplaining and even saas-splaining (because Aswad’s mother kept romanticizing her son’s mistakes) and a lot of melodrama.

HKKST is going through the infamous “curse of the second half” that is widely popular in our TV dramas in which drama serials, especially the popular ones with good ratings, are dragged for over 10 episodes for no rhyme or reason. The emotionally-triggered scenes by Mahira and Usman are the only savior that are keeping audiences hooked, but the mind-numbing repetition of the same storyline is making it cumbersome.

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As fans are getting bored of the same blame-game, finger pointing, door slamming, and fist bumping on doors and walls, content creators and creative Twitter users came up with several jokes, GIFs and memes to express their disappointment.

Here is some of the most hilarious we have seen:





















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