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Saif Ali Khan’s sense of humour got the better of him when he chanted “nepotism rocks” at the recently held IIFAs in June; he had to later apologize to Kangana Ranaut for his careless remarks. He previously also wrote a rather silly open letter defending star kids and their privileges but now he’s completely shifted gears and gone on record to say that nepotism in unfair and horrible. Khan says he may have benefited from his lineage but is “totally against nepotism”.

“Nepotism is a horrible thing,” he said in a recent interview. “I am totally against nepotism. I have benefited from it for sure. Definitely, we have more opportunities than people who are not connected to movies.”

Everyone is wondering what brought about the sudden change of heart and we think it can be credited to two things. First, his next film Chef is releasing on October 6 and he needs all good will for it to work; he’s had too many flops of late. Second, his daughter Sara Ali Khan is up for her Bollywood debut with Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath and the Khans undoubtedly do not want the entire nepotism brouhaha transferred to her.

“She (Sara) will have to deal with a lot of things,” Khan said in the interview. “It is not like an academic subject where you are giving a presentation. It is like you are offering your soul for interpretation. She has to be open to criticism. I have faced a lot and have been open to it.”