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Since its release, the Burka Avenger has earned many accolades worldwide. From being named one of the most Influential Fictional Characters of 2013 by Time magazine, to its Emmy nomination, the animated series has not only entertained many but also fought against the injustice against females in society.

Another recent milestone for the show has been its recognition by the United Nations, who want to encourage the popularity of the character which builds up a campaign that focuses on women’s role in peacebuilding and fighting extremism.

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“Burka Avenger can be a great messenger not only for women’s issues but because it’s animation, you can highlight very sensitive issues, it makes them (appear) softer,” Haroon Rashid, popular singer and creator of the series, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Though no official collaboration has been announced as yet, Haroon will be speaking at a UN Women conference in Bangkok this week. The UN agency and Haroon are eager to take the prospect of the Burka Avenger further, which may just include making her a global ambassador.