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Ahad Raza Mir fans have been waiting for Ahad Raza Mir’s Coke Studio debut ever since Season 11 kicked off. We heard that he would be making a debut with singing sensation Momina Mustehsan, which would hopefully catapult his singing career the same way ‘Afreen Afreen’ catapulted hers. We also heard that he would be performing a cover of the super popular evergreen Ahmed Rushdi track, ‘Ko Ko Korina’. We knew it all and yet the unthinkable happened.

Ahad’s Coke Studio turned out to be a train wreck.

But hey listen, we’re loyal to Coke Studio and still think you should hear the song and maybe even add it to your playlist. Here’s why…

1. If you’re like us and are obsessed with the various crises the world is currently going through, listening to this version of ‘Ko Ko Korina’ will make the world outside of Coke Studio seem a better, safer place. At least before you heard it. You can thank us later.


2. You’ll forget about the dollar hike in Pakistan.


3. Those of you obsessing over the Ahad-Sajal duo will have something new to obsess about; the Ahad-Momina duo. Just imagine, he actually makes her sound good! Rab ne bana di jodi.




4. You will master the art of listening to a song without volume. Ahad fans, who believe he looks good (even hot) on Coke Studio, will learn how to mute and hear. The flipside is they’ll also get to see more of Momina’s retro sunglasses.


5. You’ll be motivated to revisit the original ‘Ko Ko Korina‘, sung by Ahmed Rushdi and picturized on the gorgeous Waheed Murad on YouTube and if you’re loyal to classics, like us, then you’ll get a kick out of reading the CS obituary all Waheed Murad fans have posted in the comments section!


Here, let us make life a little easier for you. You obviously deserve it…