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The Pyare Afzal famed actress Sana Javed recently created buzz with her drama Khaani, featuring Feroze Khan as the opposite lead. While the onscreen pair was much appreciated, the viewers desired to see more of them together. The upcoming fun-filled ride Romeo weds Heer will fulfil all such wishes. Director Anjum Shahzad has brought our favourite couple back in fresh avatars, delivering the same wonder and awe.

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While speaking exclusively to Something Haute, lead actress Sana Javed shared that viewers will get to see her in complete role reversal in Romeo Weds Heer. “At the cost of sounding cliché, I must say that I’m playing a new kind of character for the first time, which has no rona dhona. Heer is a confident girl who is witty, fun-loving and a go-getter; in short a patakha [firecracker],” she said adding, “Despite all these characteristics she doesn’t have overbearing pride or arrogance. Her personality is completely in contrast with a sweet Romeo (played by Feroze).”


The actress further emphasized that she has never portrayed a character like Heer before. “Some people are comparing it with Lubna (from Pyare Afzal) but Lubna was strong and serious. I can safely say that Heer is like me; a tomboy-ish, sporty, crazy wild child who is strong-minded yet innocent at heart,” Sana said and laughed.

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Comparing the two distinct characters of Khaani and Romeo Weds Heer, Sana says that she was taken by surprise by the demands of this fun role. “Khaani was exhausting and emotionally draining. When I signed this project, I thought it will be fun and a relief from stress but oh boy I was wrong! In Romeo Weds Heer, I had to run, jump, argue, even speak in a loud tone. My character required so much energy. It was strenuous and physically demanding,” Sana explained.



The romantic comedy serial Romeo Weds Heer is a story about two contrasting families whose lives get entwined due to the budding romance of their children. It is scheduled to air on Sunday, 21st October, on Geo Entertainment.