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The Masala Awards celebrated their tenth year in Dubai last night and while the event managed to bring in some of the biggest names in Pakistan’s film industry – stars that have also made their mark in Bollywood – there was one name whose absence was more talked about than the presence of others. We all wondered why Sajal Aly wasn’t there!

The actress, whose role in Mom became a breakthrough performance for her in Bollywood, was expected to be seen as her Bollywood ‘mom’ and mentor, Sridevi, was being awarded and was performing. But Sajal could not attend the awards due to professional commitments.

“I was busy with my upcoming project Aangan and couldn’t get time off from shooting,” Sajal told Something Haute.

This is the official statement that she gave us but we also believe the grapevine that suggests that Sajal was being awarded a ‘Bollywood Sensation’ award, which she wasn’t comfortable accepting.

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According to sources close to the actress, “She wants to be perceived as a serious, committed actor and not a sensation, which was also one reason why she didn’t go.”

The actress was missed at the event since she was part of 2017’s big cinema achievements, having delivered a terrific performance in a Bollywood film. We have to appreciate her decision for upholding her commitment to the drama serial she’s working on AND for having the self-respect for not turning up for just any consolatory award.

We hope to see Sajal at an award show where she’s recognized for her performance skills.