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After Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s critically-acclaimed film series, 3 Bahadur premiered Thursday night, it seems the three heroes of the film – Saadi, Kamil, and Amna have now passed on the mantle to new superheroes, the Dettol Warriors.

Seen in the film as revered heroes that even the 3 Bahadur are in awe of — as they fight evildoers such as the diabolic Germoon — we find the trio meeting the Dettol Warriors. It is also then revealed that Kamil, Saadi, and Amna have now given up their power to save Azad Nagri. 



However, what remains to be seen is that how the Dettol Warriors will take their mission forward.

Foreseeing possible evil coming back to the realm of Azad Nagri, it is now up to the six gallant warriors to protect the land as the now superpower-less trio and the warriors bring the best of their abilities to fight wrongdoers.

What exactly will happen now that 3 Bahadur have bid farewell to their powers and passed on the mantle? Are we looking at the possible Dettol franchise? We hope to find out soon!


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