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With the rapid awareness about health concerns and its longtime benefits, working out is becoming an integral part of some people’s routine. However, finding a gym that suits your needs can be challenging. If you’re in Karachi though, My Gym by Bikku is where you need to be.

Truly one of a kind, My Gym is any fitness enthusiast’s dream come true. With dedicated floors for strength training, mixed martial arts, group sessions, and rooftop circuit training, the gym encapsulates all forms of fitness training.

In an exclusive conversation with Something Haute, Hina Khan, who is a certified fitness trainer with diplomas in coaching style & techniques from Ireland, spoke at length about the gym and what makes it stand out from its competitors.

“I have been working here for 4 months now and my diplomas make group sessions at the gym a smooth sailing process. After working with the Pakistan Army for 9 years, I decided to join this gym because not only is the staff extremely cordial, it provides you with a fitness experience, unlike other in Karachi. When you enter the gym, you instantly realize that they mean business.”


Usually gyms cram everything within a confined space, however, My Gym breaks away from that norm by introducing dedicated floors for each form of workout. The 4-floor gym with additional facilities like daycare for children, sauna, meal plans and a juice bar makes it a complete package allowing you to reach your fitness target in a fulfilling manner.

My Gym is extremely popular amongst celebrities so we asked the trainer about some of their high-profile clients and their workout plans:

Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan comes here mainly for cardio workout and mixed martial arts because he is aiming for a lean body, therefore this workout combination is ideal for him.

Rizwan Jafri

On the other hand, model Rizwan Jafri wants to have a heavy build, so he focuses on cardio alone.


Abeer Rizvi

Being a model, Abeer wants to maintain size zero yet have a toned body which is quite challenging. To ensure her target is achieved, we focus more on strength training with light weights and ditch cardio.

Humaima Malick, Dua Malick & Sana Fakhar 

The ladies used to come to the gym for classes such as Zumba dance and cardio workout which is a power-packed and rejuvenating experience.

Although the trainers make it clear that they are not doctors, they are highly qualified and check your BMI in order to help you formulate a diet plan. They ensure that your dietary requirements are paid full attention to so you no longer have to worry about what you eat. My Gym by Bikku promises to take you on a fitness journey which is truly rewarding.