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Shake off your modus operandi before entering into the lawn season as you will be bombarded with unconventional prints and designs. The only constant in fashion is its ever-evolving nature and hence, trends always re-emerge with a different twist. Élan has launched a unique range of lawn for summer 2019 with an eccentric feel and avant-garde style.

This is a great way to break the monotonous lawn clutter which has been dominating the fashion circuit for quite a few years. The fabric [lawn] has been subjected to so much commercialization that it is now sold as a hot commodity. To break this tedium, Élan has taken its signature aesthetic a step further and brought fashion back into lawn. The brand has given meticulous attention to detail to achieve western cuts that look royal and regal.




Featuring distinctive draping styles, the luxuriously soft fabric is stitched like gowns. Adorned with statement belts and chunky gem stones, this Versace-esque print has jewel toned floral motifs along with Japanese folding fans. Élan’s western cuts give an edgier look to the contemporary style. We absolutely loved those fringe details on the wide sleeves!

The zebra and leopard themed prints are styled with panache with versatile cuts. The prints exude grandiosity, which is a scarce in lawn these days. The western silhouettes imitate splendor like formal wear, but only with the help of luxe lawn and elegant styling techniques. The placement of black and white stripes on the neckline casts a monochromatic magic with bright and bold prints juxtaposed magnificently. The cape is cinched at the perfect spot on the waist with a bow.




The looks are perfect for formal evening shenanigans. Vivid hues such as moss green with saffron highlights look exotic and have an artsy feel. Bold colours on the exaggerated print turn more flamboyant with golden buttons on the front panels of the long shirt dress. The most interesting detail is the deep red belt with intricate appliqué design.

Layer these ingenious designs with statement accessories for a trendy and luxe resort look! The Élan lawn collection is undeniably luxe and refreshingly desirable so much so that it takes basic lawn joras to cutting edge high-end fashion.