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The once harsh defining line between fashion and modest clothing has blurred to the effect that modest wear is being tailored to fashion women of the 21st century who want to look the part without compromising on their beliefs and sartorial choices. So while the classic, 3 yard dupatta has more or less become a cultural statement limited to lawn joras, it has been replaced by a variety of cover up options. The most popular is the scarf, providing the necessary means of modest covering while offering a higher and more practical style quotient. Another substitute for the dupatta is the new obsession with outerwear. What serves as a dupatta or even burqa can essentially be a great substitute to both. Jackets have been around for ages but have made a powerful appearance in this year’s trending guidelines. Case in point: At this year’s CFDA Awards Gigi Hadid opted for a cream coloured maxi gown by The Row, which for all practical purposed was a very glamorous cover-up option.

While The Row clothing may not be available in Pakistan, we searched high and low to find equally trendy options that would keep you modestly covered up while replacing the traditional dupatta with contemporary and stylish jackets.

The Duster


Amna Chaudry’s ‘Linen Duster’ (L) and the ‘Crepe Silk Gown’ (R) by Zari Faisal

A modern twist on the abaya, these floor length coats are similar to the abaya except with a modern touch. Simple details such as denim piping or contrast lining adds a funky oomph, while keeping it minimal. A pair of high heels would add extra oomph to your outfit, obviously, while selecting any colour other than black would ensure your duster looked less than a conventional abaya and more like a fashion accessory. Check out the white options.

Fusion Cover-up


sadaf malaterre adnan pardesy

A tasseled shrug (L) by Sadaf Malaterre and a kimono-style jacket (R) by Adnan Pardesy, available online at My Fashion Fix

The modern day jacket or shrug is a good option for younger girls who prefer western wear. Worn over jeans and a simple top, these jackets not only add an extra style factor to your look but also accomplishe the aim behind modest wear. You’ve got tassels for drama and kimono cuts for fashionistas who love the Orient.

Structured Jacket


Yasir Waheed

A patchwork jacket (L) and an embroidered jacket (R) by Yasir Waheed

While this silhouette is similar to a sherwani, it’s how you wear it that will give it trendy meaning! You can pair it with jeans, or even solid matching separates, i.e. a kameez and straight pants. You’d think that this silhouette was made for tall and slim figures but you’d be surprised to know that it actually slims the body down.



Nida Azwer

The Dina Collection: Nida Azwer’s brand new line of kaftans and abayas, available now

The trending kaftan is a separate feature on its own, but this amalgamation of the two is a great style by the designer; it’s something we can imagine ladies of all ages to adopt as formal wear for soirees or wedding functions. When worn during the day, a pair of oversized goggles and high heels would ensure you a high spot on the style indicator.

Embroidered Jacket


sana safinaz

Designs from Sana Safinaz latest unstitiched luxury collection

These silhouettes are a great idea on how to style your luxury lawn this season! It not only gives you the option of being able to style a cape in multiple ways (depending on what you wear underneath) but it also looks classy.