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With Eid right around the corner, this is a good time to break away from the monotony of your usual selection of brands/designers and experiment with something new. When we step out to try a new fashion brand, the main things on our list happen to be quality, style and innovation, which is how we came across Phatyma Khan who happens to tick all the right boxes. The designer is based in Karachi, and has come out with a lovely and reasonably priced Eid Collection, which is perfect for this time of the year.

Since everyone designer has a unique vision, we spoke to Phatyma Khan to find out more about her brand and design philosophy.

“We’ve come out with a semi-formal line which has block-prints, embroideries and pure fabrics. We’ve being doing casuals and formals since the past five years and will be launching our debut bridals after Eid,” the designer informed us.

Her designs fall into a soft colour palette, which is just what we need to beat the heat this season! The best part is that the right balance of embellishments on the outfits results in some very stylish yet practical pieces, which is smart since no one really spends Eid sitting in one place; we’re out-and-about, serving guests and so much more; which is why we like to opt for pretty yet easy options!

Here’s why you should check out Phatyma Khan’s Eid Collection!

Pure fabrics

Phatyma khan

The designer has opted for a top-notch quality of pure silks, organzas and khaadi net, which are all ideal to give your outfits a formal look. Those, topped off with the aesthetically designed embroideries, result in something you’ll be able to wear this Eid, as well as in the upcoming shaadi season, since it’s only going to be smart to keep it minimal considering our weather situation!

Trendy yet practical
Phatyma khan
As the designer herself told us, while the outfits are trendy they aren’t overtly done to make them un-wearable. As much as we love dramatic and statement pieces, this is just not the season for it!

Classic to modern

Phatyma khan

“We’ve included lots of whites, beiges and blacks in the collection, which all age groups of women will definitely love since we’re catering to the ages between 18-40,” Phatyma told us.

The colour palette and classic aesthetic of her designs are practical for all ages, they have a trendy element but nothing too over the top, keeping the sentiments of Ramzan and Eid intact!

The designer has a store on Zamzama, and a website where you can shop for her latest designs, as well as opt for customization of outfits.

– Haute Promotion