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The year is gearing up for some big films. We’ve already seen and loved trailers of Shaan Shahid’s Arth – The Destination, Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna and the third big release of the year – Rangreza – was revealed yesterday in a theatrical trailer. We’re impressed. Bilal Ashraf has definitely grown up as an actor since Jaanan (we could not see Yalghaar) and Urwa Hocane has really come into her own this year. The trailer, however, belongs to Gohar Rasheed, completely.

The 3-minute introduction to the film suggests that Bilal Ashraf is a rock star who falls for Urwa Hocane (Reshmi) who belongs to a gharana of musicians. There are traces of love, passion, betrayal and of course, it’s all wound around a musical core. The OST of Rangreza promises to be stellar.

A word on Reshmi, who’s personified by Urwa Hocane. This is Urwa’s year in cinema because she rocked her role as Durdana in Punjab Nahi Jaungi and she was impressive in the male-dominated Na Maloom Afraad 2. Rangreza will be Urwa’s third movie this year and she doesn’t let her act slip for a second in its trailer. It also proves that Urwa is most comfortable as an eastern beauty, as we see traces of Meera (Udaari) in Reshmi. But she’s a self-confident and luminescent version and it’s apparent that she holds herself well in this love triangle (if that’s what it is). Urwa looks beautiful (we like her look) and delivers an equally engaging performance; we like how her career is evolving.

The trailer, however, belongs to Gohar Rasheed, who’s a natural as the bullish Wasim. He looks like the village thug and excels in his character. Gohar really has come into his own as a negative character; we appreciated his performance in Mann Mayal and he’s very effective in the currently airing Mujhe Jeenay Do. Rangreza will be Gohar’s breakthrough film (even though it isn’t his first) and we feel he will carve his position as a very strong character actor.

Judging it by this first theatrical trailer, Rangreza is definitely on our must-watch list.

Check out the trailer here: