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If you’ve stuffed yourself with pizza for lunch today and your jeans feel a tad bit tight then trust us when we say that you’re not alone! We’ve all been on that dark road to shame when the buttons just won’t close and the zippers won’t go up! But don’t fret, that’s why the heavens bestowed us with the concept of gymming. But, here’s the catch; how do you know what you’re wearing for a workout is really what you should be wearing?

Athleisure is the hautest accessory for the fit diva today, and to choose the right gear is the hardest thing to do. So, instead of putting our readers through the test of finding the right pick themselves, we did the next best thing! We had a chat with fitness guru Fatima Zara Mallick, who’s the CEO and head trainer at FZM Boutique Fitness and one of the most-stylish trainers we know about what she thinks.

“Exercise is all about feeling good, getting fitter and achieving results,” Fatima said. “The right workout gear speaks volumes about who you are as a person and what you want in life.”


Whether it’s the runway or the gym, Fatima Zara Mallick’s aesthetic is unmatched.


Apart from her training, which took her all across the globe, Fatima is also a holistic nutritionist, a published author, a fashion stylist and a model! If that’s not enough for you, she is also Pakistan’s first Crossfit Level 2 Trainer, a Zumba instructor, a Pilates & Certified Barre Teacher, and Pakistan’s first Piloxing trainer. Is there anything this guru can’t do?

In our Haute conversation with Fatima, these were some of the pointers we thought were important for our readers to know before they head out to pick their gear!

Cotton T-shirts are a big NO

According to Fatima, cotton holds a lot of moisture close to the skin which is not only terribly unattractive but also is highly uncomfortable. If you opt for tough workouts and cardio that gets you going, then you need fabrics like polyester, nylon, and lycra which have the tendency to keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

Invest in yourself

One should definitely get their hands on good quality brands since they are a one-time investment and will come in handy in future too. “Please don’t wear your night suit bottoms to the gym!” Fatima said. “Clothing trends change but good basics never go out of style. Invest in a pair of black Nike or Adidas tight fit pants and they will last you forever! You can shop at Zainab Market for cover-ups and scarves but your basic sports bra and gym pants should come from a proper sports brand.”


Fatima is a holistic nutritionist, a published author, a fashion stylist and a model, apart from being a trainer.

Activity appropriate

According to Fatima, one needs to be vigilant when selecting a gym outfit. Outfits vary with the activity and if not too careful, you can hurt yourself. “If you do cycling or spinning, baggy pants are a bad idea because they can get stuck in the bike and cause injury. Similarly, for a class like yoga or Pilates, you can go for a looser fit but anything that is too oversized will prevent the instructor from being able to see your form,” she explained.

Athleisure: where needed, ‘when’ needed

How many of us have been guilty of wearing our tracks as ready-to-go ensembles? Well, if you do that, here’s what you need to hear!  “The current athleisure trend makes ‘sports style’ clothing acceptable outside the gym but track-pants from Zara or Bershka won’t give you the kind of solid support that a sports-specific performance pant will! Athleisure simply references gym clothing in daily life; it doesn’t mean that you should do your gym shopping at a high street store,” Fatima said.