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Our beloved hauteliers, it seems that Halloween hit Karachi early this year and by what we saw flooding our Instagram feeds all throughout the night, it was pretty spooky. From the bumble bee red carpet to the oddly shaped ensembles and beyond any sense of logic or reasoning we were faced with yet another national emergency. What you ask? An overflowing cup of mediocre celebrities whose promotional efforts and style choices have crossed the threshold of normal human behavior.

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for blandness as we launch into the kind of fatuous, shallow, and rapid-fire opinion-spewing that made all of you love us so enthusiastically.

Pour yourself a big cup of judgment and sit down with us, won’t you?


 Nadia Hussain


It takes real courage to show up to an awards show in a night gown and Julia Roberts’ shoes from Pretty Woman.


Saba Qamar


Let Miss Host show you how it’s done. We’re not fans of the clutch though.


Shaniera Akram


So she basically showed up in Saba Qamar’s dress but only better.


Sajal Aly


The construction of the dress is interesting but the look just seems to lack color, which it desperately needs, not to mention her styling is way too mature for her. Lighten up, girl.


Bushra Ansari


Everybody, run! It’s the Ghost of Christmas Past.


Hassan Riaz


Only at the Hum Style Awards. Dude, we want a hit of whatever you are on.


Ainy Jaffri


Shower curtain.


Mawra Hocane


Honey, this just looks like you wrapped cloth around yourself. It’s shapeless, bland and plain horrible, we expect better.


Mira Sethi


There is a Korean pop star just waiting in the changing room for her dress back. Also ugly shoes; return them to the Golden Girls.


Ayesha Omer


We’d hate to be mean to Miss Ayesha, because unlike most of her peers she does give us pretty fierce looks so, girl! What happened? We were wondering until we saw her competition and realised her look wasn’t half as bad in comparison.


Anum Malik


Miss thang stopped over while on her way to a Kill Bill convention.


Nausheen Shah


We want your autograph because you just slayed.


Hania Amir


“Come to Sweden, where everything is totally random and apparently tacky.”


Urwa Hocane


This isn’t a dress; it’s a kindergarten craft project from The School of Fake Balmain.


Bilal Abbas


Dude, did no one ever tell you that Ranveer Singh is just the wrong fashion role model to have. Also people apparently think you are Ahsan Khan.


Saheefa Jabbar


What can we say? It’s very Fanta-chic


Sadaf Kanwal


A morbid-haute look, however we would like to mention that this is exactly how we would show up to the Hum Style Awards.