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If nothing else, Wajahat Rauf’s 2015 film Karachi Sey Lahore gave Pakistan Yasir Hussain and for that alone it can be forgiven the countless cheapostaries the film tried to push down our throats. The trailer of KSL’s ‘sequel’ so to say released a couple of days ago and from the looks of it, Lahore Se Agey sits on Yasir Hussain’s shoulders too. We’re not disappointed. Let me rephrase that. We’re not disappointed by the fact that we’ll get to see Yasir in the shoes or furry hat of Moti but whether LSA will offer anything but the same brand of cheapostaries is uncertain. Infact, it looks like it most definitely will.

It’s also just as certain that the director/producer has cast Saba Qamar for her star value but I, for one, am not convinced whether the actress appeals on the big screen or not. Here’s why: Qamar is a good performer; we have the currently popular drama series Besharam and then Digest Writer to confirm that fact but her most memorable personas have been impersonations and I find them difficult to shake out of my memory. I remember Qamar as the perky host of Hum Sab Umeed Sey Hain; she was brilliant as Sherry Rehman. Then she cut a convincing Madam Nurjehan in Manto though Nurjehan fans did not think so. They found her annoying and full of herself which kind of wraps up the impression she gives off.

The film itself will ride on desi jokes and tons of cameos, which we can tell from the trailer in which we see Behroze Sabzwari, Atiqa Odho, Rubina Ashraf, Hassan Rizvi and many more. The music seems hummable but maybe not so memorable. And these, of course, are very opinionated first impressions. The verdict on Lahore Se Agay can only be passed once the film is out, which is on November 11, 2016.