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Another weekend is here. The weather is excruciatingly hot, so you can always plan a last-minute beach getaway or go for a swim at a nearby pool. Take a trip to your favourite, tried-and-tested restaurant or order in if you’re too lazy to even attempt that. Indulge your inner foodie and visit a new inn to explore a never-seen-before menu. But no matter where you’re going, you will need to have a plan or otherwise these two days will slip out of your hands without a notice.

Folks in Karachi usually don’t have many options other than food and, if we’re lucky, films. So, we have gathered the best of new additions that you can make your weekend a joyous one.

1. Book a ticket

Visit your nearest cinema to watch Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest offing, Ms. Marvel. Since its premiere on Disney+, the TV series has been receiving rave reviews for its Pakistani representation as well as appropriate representation of the Muslim culture. Episode 1 and 2 are currently screening in cinemas, so don’t forget to take your family and friends to watch it.


A Pakistani movie titled Peechay Tou Dekho, starring Yasir Hussain, is also screening in cinemas from 17th June. It is a horror-comedy.


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2. Binge-watch

With its star Cillian Murphy, who plays gang leader Thomas Shelby, Peaky Blinders has been a cultural phenomenon since it first aired in 2013. Now, a few BAFTA Awards later, the show and its grim exploration of British crime and politics between the two world wars is coming to an end, and it feels a bit like the end of an era. And for those who were eagerly waiting, the sixth and final season was finally released on Netflix last week.

3. The foreign wave

Take a break from the grim world and watch lighthearted romance in a series about teenage dreams. Twenty-Five Twenty One is a Korean series set in the bleak aftermath of the 1997 Asian financial crisis (known as the “IMF Crisis” in South Korea). It was a time when dreams seem out of reach. It is a story of a teenage fencer who pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life. With 16 episodes, the drama is available on Netflix.

twenty five twenty one

4. On a loop 

If you’re still not over Coke Studio’s Peechay Hut and want a new dose of Hasan Raheem’s addictive music then he has released a new single, Faltu Pyar. It is a collaboration that we didn’t know we needed. Written and performed by Hasan Raheem and Natasha Noorani, the song is produced, mixed and mastered by Talal Qureshi.

The sci-fi-esque multi-dimensional video features Natasha and Hasan singing and dancing to what seems like an anthem for lovebirds and broken hearts alike. And finally, we get to see Hasan Raheem smiling, so no complaints!

5. Must visit

Good theater plays are a rarity in the metropolitan city and here is chance that one should not miss. NAPA is presenting the epic tale of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, translated in Urdu by Khalid Ahmed. It is directed by the legendary Zia Mohyeddin. The play stars Noreen Gulwani as the Juliet, while Ali Sher plays the Romeo.

It will stage on 8pm (sharp) from 17th to 26th June at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA). The ticket price is PKR 1000 and PKR 600 on students ID cards.


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