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While there is a huge debate on nepotism in the entertainment industry and that star kids have it easier than the rest of the world, one contrary example is Hamza Firdous who despite being Firdous Jamal’s son, has established that he is here to stay and that too on merit.

His last name may have opened (or led him) to a door or two, but through his acting skills, he has proven that the real deal that keeps you in the game is talent and only talent!

After impressing the audience with his performance in O Rangreza as Tipu (one of the most interesting characters in the play), Hamza is now set to play an entirely different character in Ghughi, which is a period play set in the years 1946-1947 and is inspired by a novel by famous Punjabi writer, Amrita Pritam.

Produced by Adnan Siddiqui’s Cereal Productions, the novel has been modified for TV by Amna Mufti and directed by Iqbal Hussain.

We asked Hamza how he was approached for the role.

“I was asked to come in for a meeting and as I began reading I was totally captivated by the amazing script with such well-developed characters that one could not have said no. Adnan Siddique and Iqbal sahab have such ambitious and strong conviction that, that in itself is a huge high.”

“There are hardly any quality dramas based on partition and pre-partition struggle so this was one opportunity to travel back in time and experience it as an actor,” Hamza added. “Besides, have you seen the OST? Each character has something to say and has equal importance and contribution.”

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Speaking of his character, he admitted that it was a very challenging one, to begin with, and very different from any that he’s played earlier.

“The name of my character is Taekchand, which is inspired by Amna Mufti’s village. He is a well educated, wealthy and polite young man who has been promised Nirmala, a young Hindu woman and all is well until one day she is kidnapped by Rasheed.”

“It was a very tough role as I had to learn the Hindi dialect and also overcome my fear of horse riding,” he laughed and revealed.

“It is based in a different era, however, in a way, the subtext is still the same – violence against women and loss of humanity. This is a period drama where a woman is kidnapped and today there is a Zainab who becomes a victim of violence. Baat tu wohi hai, bas waqt badal gaya hai,” Hamza sadly said, stating the importance of dramas that create awareness.

“People should at least give Ghughi a chance or stop complaining that there isn’t much variety or quality content on air. As for me, I’m looking for roles where I can prove myself as an actor. I want to experiment with both mainstream and unique content,” he concluded.

Well, the OST is out and it has our expectations pretty high.


Best of luck to both Hamza Firdous and Ghughi, hitting your screens from 25th January 2018  at 8 pm only on TV ONE.