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After battling it out at the box office, both Parchi and Chupan Chupai have managed to become successes in their own right. However, in the end, it’s the audience that’s king, and they decide the fate of films; and according to them, the clear winner has turned out to be the Hareem Farooq starrer, Parchi.

According to independent box office websites and sources, Ahsan Khan’s Chupan Chupai hasn’t been able to compete with Parchi – owing to the latter’s penetration of the market and has managed to have a collection of about PKR 3.3 Crores since its release. Its 3rd-week collection has reportedly been the slowest with about a 60% fall from the previous week, indicating the film is slowly reaching its last shows in the cinemas.

On the flipside, Parchi has raked in close to PKR 6.5 Crores in 10 days globally and has managed to get the biggest opening in January in the recent box office history of Pakistani films. Currently running in Pakistan and North America, Parchi will also soon release in Saudi Arabia on the 19th, UAE on the 25th, and the UK on the 26th of January, signifying an even bigger box office collection soon.

With about the next two films a good 20 days away, Parchi does seem to have it easy at the local box office and may see a larger overall collection until Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor and Maan Jao Na release on February 2nd.


  • Disclaimer: All numbers and figures in the article have been provided by independent box office websites and Something Haute holds no responsibility for any discrepancy.