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Queen of Pakistani music and now an outstanding actor, Hadiqa Kiani had shared that she is going back to her roots with her music album Vasl. The first video from the album was Humsafar and now the second music video Rasta Bhool Gaye is also out.

Taking to social media, Hadiqa announced that the album is now available on Spotify for her fans to enjoy. “My brand new music video for Rasta Bhool Gaye is on YouTube now,” she added.




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The second single Rasta Bhool Gaye has been penned by her mother, Khawar Kiani and the video has been shot in the historic Lahore Railway Station. The video is aesthetically pleasing and Hadiqa’s voice is soulful as usual.

“This song was written by my mother over 25 years ago but the lyrics still resonate. Life is all about the journey to find your purpose, sometimes we stray or have to take different paths but these moments are all a part of our journey. Cherish your journey and find your way,” Hadiqa posted on Instagram.

She spoke at length about being unapologetic about her journey and life choices in an interview with Something Haute.

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“At a time when female musicians weren’t given as much respect by the society, I convinced my brother slowly that I wanted to pursue this path. I told him that I wanted to sing my own songs and very fearfully I gave Lala (her brother) my debut song Jeevan ki rah mein, Khushboo ki chah mein… Hum ko ek sath chalna hai. I just came up with the melody and the lyrics. Then, my brother became my strength and we made our own studio,” she shared talking about her initial days.

Hadiqa shared that she is going through a turning point in her life.

“My brother has chosen his own journey and I respect that. But this is my path and I am not apologetic about the choices I have made in my career; those choices, mistakes, successes, turmoils, heartbreaks, divorces, child adoption, life threatening situations or my mom’s paralysis were all part of it, but this is a turning point in my life because I’m alone now. I have to make music now but what I have made is for myself, and now for the audiences. Now, I am making music which is non commercial which was previously overshadowed by my popular songs,” she had said.

According to the official description, with Vasl, the singer turned actor aims to explore the roots of her music, reproducing her original compositions from the start of her career for the next generation of Pakistani listeners. “The organic Eastern structure of the album aims to create an atmosphere of ease, comfort and peace.”

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