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Hadiqa Kiani has just released the third music video from her latest album, Vasl, and interestingly the song brings back a lot of nostalgia. With this album, Hadiqa aims to explore the roots of her music by reproducing her original compositions from the beginning of her career for the next generation of Pakistani listeners.

Her third song Woh Kay Hay originally featured as an OST in a TV drama serial (with the same title) over two decades ago. It was a beautiful composition and the reprised version has only added to its charm. It has been shot in the stunning valleys of Punjab and features Hadiqa in a beautiful red dress, twirling like a dervish.




The video begins with a poetic verse ‘dekhun tou sara sheher shanasa dikhai de, sochun tou ek shaks na apna dikhai de’ and Hadiqa recites poetry in between as well. Soothing tabla beats in the background add to the organic Eastern structure of the song. The song reflects the uncertainty of the world where every man is on its own despite being a part of the herd. The demand of the journey, as Hadiqa says, is to discover your own true self.

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Hadiqa Kiani


Written by Hadiqa’s mother, Khawar Kiani, the song is composed by Hadiqa. The music has been arranged by Hassan Badshah. Jovi Films has directed the video.

Watch the video here:





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