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We love Eid shopping as much as any fashion-obsessed person could! The most important thing on our mind this year was to find outfits that were understated yet had that formal feel, which we could later wear during the summer shaadi season. Hence, our trip to Generation was the best decision we’ve made!

Generation’s Eid campaign this year is, as always, a meaningful one, where they are celebrating modern relationships, family values and abolishing gender stereotypes. The campaign shows the modern woman, who has always been the brand’s main focus, enjoying Eid alongside her husband and children. Generation’s message this season has been to enforce that the woman of the house deserves a break to enjoy the festivities, instead of stressing out about the numerous guests and feasts she has to manage during Eid.


Hand blocked print cotton saris by Generation

The brand has used its signature aesthetic, which is the use of traditional techniques with a modern twist, to bring out a very fashionable line of ensembles. They have played with silhouettes, layering and lengths to ensure you don’t walk out of the store empty handed! Angrakha style cuts, as well as their much loved cotton ghararas, are prevalent in the spirit of the season to bring in the right amount of tradition along with the current trends. The colour palette for the collection is as always vast, which helps in not limiting the choice for customers, and the fabric used ranges from silks to breezy cottons, ensuring the perfect outfit depending on the occasion you need it for. For us, Eid is a very casual affair, celebrated with our immediate family and friends, which is why we opted for one of their more simpler and classic pieces consisting of  a three piece printed suit, with a traditional shalwar.

What we loved the most is how Generation is bringing back the very classic trend of wearing hand blocked-print cotton saris. We picked up the perfect one, which will give us the right summer look for upcoming weddings when paired with silver churris and khussas!