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While there are innumerable number of online pages selling ‘authentic’ imported makeup brands, stories about how the product received is not even close to what they show are just outrageous! Hence we never buy makeup without seeing it up close first, and surprisingly, finding original branded products has become quite a task living in Pakistan! There are a handful of stores selling multiple international brands, but when translating the prices from dollars to rupees, the prices are ridiculously high. It can work for the Kylies and Kim Kardashians of the world, but we can’t spend Rs. 6000 on a lip cream that we’ll wear everyday and finish in two-week’s time!

So in our search for some high quality international brands that won’t leave us bankrupt, we came across Make-up City in Dolmen Mall, and ended up stocking up our stash for the upcoming festive season! Make-up City has the latest products, by some well-known international brands, and at a price range that is easy on the pocket and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty.

Here are some of the tried and tested brands we came across…

Sweet Touch

make-up city

Sweet Touch is our country’s go-to brand for nail polishes, since they’re highly affordable at Rs. 110 and they have some really fun shades and the quality is commendable too! We also picked up a lipstick from their counter at the store, since they were at a discount for Rs. 225, while they usually range between Rs. 370-450, which is unbelievable for a UK based brand! We picked up a nude pink for everyday use, but they also had some great dark browns we might go back for.

GOSH Cosmetics

GOSH is a Denmark based brand, whose lipsticks we have previously tried and found them to be long lasting, mainly because the formula is a great consistency and isn’t overly creamy, which is usually what makes the lipsticks bleed. So when we spotted some eye shadow palettes at the Make-up City store, in some great summery tones, for just Rs. 1380 it only made sense to buy them! The ‘Smoke Eyes Palette’ comes in various colours – from plum to a subtle brown as well as the classic dark grey, and has four shades which gradient from light to dark, and can also be used separately. We also ended up picking up a very eye catching sea-green eye-liner pencil, because we’re always up for a fashion statement and hey, it was just Rs. 850!


make-up city

When it comes to makeup, finding the right shade AND quality of foundation is the key for the perfect look. While previously we’d always opt for high-end brands for foundation, we recently noticed how most professional makeup artists opt for the Kryolan Foundation Stick. We found an amazing range of skin tones by the brand, which will ensure you find your perfect foundation, and we were tempted enough to buy their compact, since it’s easy to apply and seemed reasonable at Rs. 1550.

Make-up City has stores all over the country, and is available at all major malls in Karachi. They also have a very well curated online store, which provides free shipping on orders over Rs. 1000, and has all the latest products in stock.

– Haute Promotion