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It was a busy, busy week and while I intended to update days ago, I just couldn’t get around to it soon enough. Here it goes, one by one…

Sister Act: Zainab, Mahin and Marian Hussain make up Veranda at 5

Funky accessories like these should be retailing at the Airport but who’s going to chuck out the marble chess sets?

Veranda at 5, an exhibition of home furnishings and accessories that Mahin Hussain holds every few months, comes as a must-see for collectors of novelty items. This Roadside Cafe (which was a bit too organic, hot and steamy to hang around in for long) always hosts the exhibition and did so this time too. In fact it’s on till Saturday for everyone who just must have a little bit of colour in their homes.

Cushions with iconic statements, cheeky one-liners and historical motifs of the city of Karachi. Foot stools, poofs, pictures and much more including trays and contemporary metal baskets. You can check out their Facebook page

Funky town

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